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Ancient battlefields preseved for souvenir, monuments, museums and et reconstitutions.. The passion is quite often born through that kind of visit !


Some pictures to help you waiting for tis page :

My children in the time machine in Douaumont !

"... the 'highness' of that monument driven in the earth as by the weight of all the things he lived, shrunk and levelled with the ground, like everything is on a level with the ground, here..."

"Chant Funèbre pour les morts de Verdun" - H. de Montherlant

"In a hut, right at the place where the definitive ossuary will be, the first unearthed bones were collected. It was decided that they would not be mixed, but gathered according to the sectors where they have been found, in an equal number of burial vaults - about fifty - than the established number of sectors in the battlefield. So the people who will come, with their never-ending mourning, could go to a particular gravestone where, more likely than on the other ones, they will have a chance to be near of theirs. They will find the hope sitting there, like an angel on the corner of a tomb. And a hope is never a lie."

"Chant Funèbre pour les morts de Verdun" - H. de Montherlant

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Pictures made on the battlefield during my visits, and maps


"The death is everywhere in this landscape, in this sky without mercy, in thes woods saturated with bones and rusted weapons, of an abslotute unusefulness."

"Verdun" (Back to the front with the pelgrims) - Pierre Mac Orlan

Pictures to help you wait :

Tourelle d'observation du fort de Pompelle

Carte de Vaux - 1916

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