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Light ammunitions
Bayonets and fire weapons
Helmets and personal equipment

It is still possible, more than 100 years after the end of the First World War, to find on the old battlefields some objects witnessing the fights or the life on the frontlaine.

Leaving aside fuzes and the grenades, both of them being covered by specific sections of this website ('WW1 shell fuzes gallery' et 'WW1 grenades gallery'), here are some pages dedicated to some other characteristic objects.

Warning :

the Great War still kills. Many ammunition are still lying on the ground or underneath, and it would be deadly imprudent to believe that 90 years have made those old explosives not dangerous any more...

In the interest of your own life, just take photographs of the material that you discover, and leave it in place, unless being absolutely certain of its inert nature. Even if I passed one full year of military service among pioneers in the belgian army, I do not consider myself as a mine-clearer... !

PLEASE take a look to the following link, made by French mine-clearer professionals to save your life :

En attendant les démineurs...

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Lebel and Mauser rifles cartridges Light ammunitions(In construction)

It is frequent to find empty cartridges, shot bullets sometimes deformed, or even intact rifle ammunitions. Be careful, these last ones are still filled with powder and therefore dangerous...

The ammunitions were often used by the 'Poilus' for their craft manufacturing, intended for their own souvenir or for selling. It is not rare to discover these rememberance objects in flea markets.
French bayonet handle Bayonets and fire weapons (In construction)

You will see sometimes on the old frontline fragments of bayonets, sleeves, or more seldom rifle guns. Secondhand trades or some museums make it possible to acquire much more easily this kind of objects in far better quality.
Prussian PickHube Helmets and personal equipment

War spoils brought back by grandfathers, very nice helmets from that period can be bought to the collectors or second-hand dealers.

Those that one can sometimes see on the ancient battlefields ground are now in a very bad condition. As for the personal equipment, these pieces are always very moving to me, because they recall that behind the military facts and the official monuments, those who suffered under the steel rain were also simple men...
Renault tank model Various (In construction)

an abandoned battle field is also an immense dumping ground sometimes filled with horrible wastes ! I also present to you some small-scale models...
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