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Reading books dedicated to the First World War is the source of my passion. Finding, reading and collecting works, old and recent, about this same period maintains it. My library gathers more than four hundred volumes which conceal testimonies, analyses historic analysis, iconographic studies or novels...

Since my mother language is french, the huge majority of my volumes are in french, even if I own some German and English ones. I hope those pages will anyway help those non french speaking visitors to discover the variety and quality of the books written in that language for this period.

Let me present some of them in the next pages, without any ambition of exhaustiveness and in a genuine spirit of subjectivity !


The categories of the WW1 library

Lebel and Mauser rifles cartridges For those willing to discover this period of the History, there are certainly several initiatory literary courses. The one that I recommend hereafter is simply mine.. French bayonet handle Other witnesses to go further

They are so numerous... and the majority of them, memories of direct witnesses or collected by descendants or enthusiasts, are really moving. Some tracks to follow...
Prussian PickHube Great names of the litterature

When the literary talent is put at the service of the memories of the war, this can give rise to pure masterpieces. Sometimes at the detriment of pure testimony qualities, you're certainly right Mr Norton Cru, but often for the greatest intellectual pleasure.
Lebel and Mauser rifles cartridges Witnesses of the leaders

The men who lived the war in their flesh were on the frontline. But it is also interesting to interrogate the memories of those who had a foreground role, or who were about to receive it...
French bayonet handle History books (IN PROGRESS)

A great amount of works are dedicated to the whole or a part of the History of this conflict. It is even more impossible to be exhaustive here. But some of them are real references...
Prussian PickHube Touristic guides

The use of guides can be very useful for those who want to discover the battlefields. The first ones have been written at the end of the fightings, answering to the then emerging market of war tourism...
Lebel and Mauser rifles cartridges This and that (IN PROGRESS)

Photographs, drawings, maps, CDs, Videos, etc...

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