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List and description of the surviving guns sorted by nation or localization
Inventory of the surviving guns from World War 1
The 'Blog de l'artillerie 14/18'
Credits and useful sources (books and websites)


The surviving guns collection !

Access to the detailed files with technical characteristics and historical background :

Click on the Suippes 150mm sFH picture to access on the guns list sorted by nation
The same guns list sorted by localisation on a Google Map

Localisation of the guns on a geographic map

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Where is this database coming from ?

Genesis of an idea...

Numerous WW1 artillery guns can still be seen nowadays. They are located throughout the world, in museums, near monuments, on former battlefields, etc...

A first inventory have been made by Alain Bohée, and edited in France in the nr 23, 24, 25, 27, 31 and 33 of the periodic 'Grande Guerre Magazine' (printed for the Association 14-18 ).

Internet power allows to give a new dimension to that initiative, collecting pictures of those equipments all arround the world. I created a BLOG at this effect. You can accees this blog by clicking on the following link : Canons pgm / ww1 Guns : aka 'Le Blog de l'Arrtillerie', is dedicated to the collect of surviving WW1 artillery pieces pictures throughout the world, and is held by the same webmaster than this website.

Numerous WW1 amateurs and specialists (amongst them the 'pionneer' Alain Bohée) answered positively to that idea. their postings can be seen on the blog, but are also gathered in the following pages. If you know other guns that are not present in the database, please join us and send us pictures and description !

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Information sources

The pictures credits are given on each of the surviving guns files, in the field "contribution". The pictures are published on this website with the agreement of their author, or in accordance with the copyright rules of their website.

The gun information and data have been collected in numerous books and websites. I want to list the most important ones, and encourage anyone to consult them too. Please find them on my RECOMMENDED SOURCES CONCERNING WW1 ARTILLERY webpage

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