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10cm M 15 GebirgsHaubitze

Mountain artillery

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Coordinates : Lat : 45.84990 / Long : 13.48660
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Historic and technical information
Denomination :     10cm M 16 GebH Origin :       ( Skoda)          

Historic context :

Very early after the war start, the mountain operations of the Austro-Hungarian army confirmed the utlity of mountain howitzers. This is how the idea arose to let the '10 cm GebH M08 et M10' inherit the good ballistic properties and technical characteristics of the '10 cm M14' fiel howitzer.

The adaptation of this gun to the specifications of the mountain artillery gave birth at the end of 1915 to the '10 cm Geb.H M16' Skoda mountain howitzer, 14% lighter than the field howitzer. The recoil recuperation system of the mountain howitzer had been modified in order to allow a maximum vertical aiming angle of 70 degrees. The barrel was mounted in a position that lowered the center of gravity on a carriage equipped with a narrower small wheels train (90 cm). It had a smaller shield, and could be dismounted into 3 separate loads for the pack transport on mountain roads.

This mountain howitzer successfully replaced the guns of the model M08 and M10 despite the inconvenient of a caliber small diminution (100 mm instead of 104 mm) inducing a shell lower weight (13.6 kg instead of 15 kg). A lot of its components were interchangeable with the ones of the field howitzer.

Produced in 550 items for Austro-Hungaria (434 of them being built by Skoda), it was used after WW1 by numerous countries including Poland, Germany, Italy (that will rename it 'Obice da 100/17 mod.16'), and the new countries resulting from Austro-Hungaria dismantling. During the war, a modified version with a 105 mm was delivered to Turkey.

Technical data :

  • Complete description : 10cm mountain howitzer M 1916
  • Design year : 1916
  • Calibre : 100.00 mm
  • Weight in firing position : 1235 kg
  • Weight for transportation : 3 separate loads
  • Tube length in calibres : 19.30
  • Grooves : 0 unknown
  • Projectile weight : 13.6 kg
  • Initial speed : 341 m/s
  • Fire rate :
  • Range : 7750 m
  • Elevation range : -8 to +70 degrees
  • Direction range : 5.5 degrees total range