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15cm lang Ring Kanone 92

Heavy artillery

Contributor :
Luc Malchair      http://www.fortiff.be/
Guy Pery     
Roger Lothaire     
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Location :
Caserne Heinz
Coordinates : Lat : 50.00900 / Long : 5.71800
General comments on this surviving gun :
Pictures are dated 2004, this gun belongs to the rich Musée Royal de l'Armée de Burxelles (MRA)

Important information from Roger Lothaire : this gun was located inside the Bastogne barracks where the 1st Artillery Regiment was staying. The unit has been dismantled, and a WW2 Interpretation Center is being built, depending on the MRA (see MRA website). Almost all the guns exposed outside have been removed and dispatched elsewhere. This 15c is in Kapellen (MRA stock), waiting to go to the Artillery Museum in Braaschaat.

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Renovated camouflage, but close to the historical one

Front view

Zoom on the breech, markings unknown

Historic and technical information
Denomination :     15cm lg RK 92 Origin :       ( Krupp)          

Historic context :

Designed by KRUPP in 1892 as a fortress heavy gun dedicated to fire over the parapets, on the base of the older 15 cm RK 72, the 'lange 15 cm R K 92' ('RK' = 'Ring Kanone') was an old-fashioned weapon that did not have a quick-action breech nor any kind of recoil recuperator system. Moreover, its 'Ring Kanone' name indicated that the tube was produce by binding of different diameters steel tubes, a technique that was later replaced by steel forging.

This gun was therefore obsolete in 1914, but this did not prevent ihe German Army to extract the existing guns from their arsenals and fortresses to use them on the different fronts during several years, bringing a solution to the lack of heavy guns.

Technical data :

  • Complete description : 15cm long Ring Kanone M 92
  • Design year : 1892
  • Calibre : 149.10 mm
  • Weight in firing position : 6015 kg
  • Weight for transportation : 2 loads 5035 kg and 3860 kg
  • Tube length in calibres : 30.00 (total tube length) - 23 for the grooved part only
  • Grooves : 36
  • Projectile weight : 35.53 kg à 44 kg
  • Initial speed : 495 m/s
  • Fire rate :
  • Range : 8200 to 10000 m
  • Elevation range : -4 to +40 degrés
  • Direction range : None

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