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Cannone da 65 Modello 1911 (- 1913)

Mountain artillery

Contributor :
Bernard Plumier      http://www.passioncompassion1418.com
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Location :
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
Ordnance Museum
Coordinates : Lat : 39.49050 / Long : -76.14170
General comments on this surviving gun :
The exceptionnal collections of the Aberdeen Proving Ground Ordnance Museum have been scattered (alas...) since I took these pictures in 2010. I have no idea if this gun is still in exhibition there, or where it is located now

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No need to mention the Italian flag is not a genuine part of the gun...

This gun is a small part of the huge collections of the Ordnance Museum

Rear view with the long tail

Historic and technical information
Denomination :     65 mod. 11 Origin :       ( Arsenale di Torino)          

Historic context :

Having only a 70 mm M 1902 obsolete mountain gun (without any recoil recuperation system) in its units, Italy requested the Torino Arsenal to develop a new modern gun with a hydro-spring recoil system. The resulting 'Cannone da 65A montagna' designed in 1908 was adopted in 1911 but only allocated to the mountain units in 1913

This introduction gave it the particularity to be designated by 3 different known names, the 'Cannone da 65 Modello 08', the 'Cannone da 65 Modello 11', or the 'Cannone da 65 Modello 13' ! 212 such weapons were available in 1915 when the war begun for Italy, and more than 1000 were produced during the conflict.

The gun could be disassembled into 6 separated parts (2 parts for the barrel itself) so it could be easily transported in mountainous battlefields. It could be optionally equipped with a large shield. This modern little gun however was suffering of some noticeable issues : the calibre and the shell power were too small, and the maximum elevation angle was limited to 20 degrees, much too small for a good usage in mountains. Numerous French Schneider 70mm Mle 1908 were bought to compensate the losses.

The 65 M 1911 mountain gun has been recycled as an infantry gun after 1918, under the name 'Cannone da 65/17', and widely used during WW2, included for anti-tank missions.

Technical data :

  • Complete description : 65 mm M 1911 (or 1913) mountain gun
  • Design year : 1908
  • Calibre : 65.00 mm
  • Weight in firing position : 536 kg
  • Weight for transportation :
  • Tube length in calibres : 17.00
  • Grooves : 24 constant angle, to the left
  • Projectile weight : 4,220 kg (explosif) / 4,500 kg (shrapnell)
  • Initial speed : 355 m/s
  • Fire rate : 6 to 12 rounds / minute
  • Range : 6400 m
  • Elevation range : -8 to +20 degrees
  • Direction range : 8 degrees total range