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10.5cm leicht Feld Haubitze 98

Light artillery

Contributor :
Bernard Plumier      http://www.passioncompassion1418.com
Jean-Luc Jalabert     
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Location :
Seclin (59)
Fort de Seclin
Coordinates : Lat : 50.55630 / Long : 3.00330
General comments on this surviving gun :
This rare howitzer has been sent from South Africa to France in 1980 to be exposed in the Delville Wood Memorial in Longueval (Somme). It is now in Fort de Seclin museum, after being for some years in the famous "TOMMY BAR" in Pozieres (Somme), where these pictures were taken

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This very rare howitzer is now integrated in the collections of the Fort de Seclin (the pictures here have been taken when it was owned by the Pozière's Tommy's Bar museum.

Two arms are engraved on the seemingly unusually thick walled tube. Breech markings : ' Nr ???? - 1898 - 1900 FRIED. KRUPP'

Characteristic aspect. Note the absence of recuperator.

Historic and technical information
Denomination :     10.5cm lFH 98 Origin :       ( Krupp)          

Historic context :

One of the learnings from the Russo-Turkish war demonstrated that the flat-trajectory fieldguns projectiles were unable to destroy troops entranched into fortified positions. That lesson induced the development of light field howitzers, capable of high angle fire, but keeping a mobility compatible with its use in field artillery

The Krupp company developped in 1898 this light howitzer named '10 cm lFH 98' ('lFH' = leichte Feld Haubitze = light field howitzer). Just as with all howitzers, the desired trajectory was obtained by a combination of the barrel angle and the weight of the propulsive charge.

That howitzer was barely heavier than the same period '7.7 cm FK 96 a/A' classical fieldgun, but was able to send shells 3 times more powerful on a bell trajectory. However, its precision and rate of fire was handicaped by the absence of a recuperating system, that implied a neessary modernization in 1909, transforming this qood tube into the famous '10cm lFH 98/09'.

Technical data :

  • Complete description : 10.5cm light field howitzer M 1898
  • Design year : 1898
  • Calibre : 105.00 mm
  • Weight in firing position : 1998 kg
  • Weight for transportation : 1998 kg without the ammo trailer - single load
  • Tube length in calibres : 0.00
  • Grooves : 32
  • Projectile weight :
  • Initial speed :
  • Fire rate :
  • Range :
  • Elevation range : -10 / +40 degrees
  • Direction range :

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